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About Us

North West Alliance is the combination of four great brands, coming together to protect and enhance the value of your home, while saving, time, energy, natural resources! Our great property services are sustainable, we like to call it "Allied With Nature."

North West Stone Care

For ten years, we've been saving our customers time and money by providing the best solutions to their masonry care needs. We use only premium sealers, like those from DryTreat, making it easier to keep surfaces clean and last longer. We also do stain and graffiti removal from all masonry, including glass.

Bear statue


Another recent addition, Clean-a-Peel is an affordable and easy to use protective coating for all of your non-porous hard surfaces. Used during construction and renovation, it can protect against paint splatter, caulking or grout drips, and staining from common work site contaminants--like coffee! It is an environmentally friendlier and longer lasting alternative to old school plastic. Just roll it on and have protection for up to a year.


NW Window Renew

A new addition to our product line-up is SketchNanoGuard Thermal. Applied to your existing windows, it will help reduce your heating and cooling costs by blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays, while allowing maximum light transmission. It has a 20 year life span, that is durable and easy to clean. 

Thermal image of window

R. Craig Masonry

This is where it all began. With more than 45 years experience in the masonry trade, Richard has worked with virtually every masonry product on the market. His experience with brick, block, tile, natural stones like Limestone, Granite, Basalt, Brohmstone, Whistler Greenstone, and concrete has lead to many satisfied customers and beautiful projects throughout Whistler and Vancouver all the way to New Westminster, South Surrey and Langley.

Whistler Basalt house
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